Therapy With WORDStim

Speech pathologists can help clients unlock the power of communication confidently with WORDStim.

Key Benefits

  • Customized Exercises: Tailored to each user’s unique needs, ensuring effective and targeted therapy.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor improvements and celebrate milestones with our comprehensive tracking features.
  • Bilingual-Spanish version

What’s possible in aphasia treatment

How I help people with aphasia

A speech pathologist gives a perspective

A caregiver’s testimony

What’s in the kit

Treating with WORDStim

New and developing clinicians benefit as they hone their therapeutic techniques and theory application. Our innovative tool is specifically designed to assist individuals with aphasia in overcoming communication barriers. Whether it’s through intuitive visual aids, interactive exercises, or personalized therapy sessions, WORDStim empowers users to express themselves more effectively and confidently.

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