Frequently Asked Questions

What is WORDStim?

WORDStim is a word kit and interactive tool that facilitates language repair and development. It was developed by a speech pathologist to aide in speech and language tasks that help word finding, syntax building, vocabulary improvement, memory, speech intelligibility and cognitive strengthening. Patients experience progress and the simplicity of fun. Here’s how simple it is.

What kind of speech and language tasks do with WORDStim?

 Speech pathologists can do speech and language tasks that help word finding, syntax building, vocabulary improvement, memory, speech intelligibility and cognitive strengthening.

Can you use WORDStim in a group?

Yes. It can be easily modified to allow engagement with a group of patients or clients.

Is WORDStim used to assess patients?

No. WORDStim is not an assessment tool.  Utilizing it will help speech therapists obtain insight into a patient’s speech and language abilities.

What's included with a WORDStim purchase?

WORDStim, Clinical Adult contains a word kit of 180+ words, a score board, a card holder, a score sheet packet, spinner, instruction booklet, and tote bag.  In addition, speech therapists will gain membership to an online forum that includes webinars and online educational activities.

Can you use WORDStim for children and adults?

Yes. There is a designated version for children and adults.  WORDStim-Adults helps with speech and language rehabilitation.  The pediatric version is for children and is appropriate for speech and language development and rehabilitation tasks.

I have a lot of Spanish-Speaking patients? Does it come in Spanish?

Yes! Glad you asked. We are so excited about the Spanish version of WORDStim because it was designed to be linguistically sensitive to a wide range of Spanish ethnicities.

Do I need training to use WORDStim with my patients?

WORDStim, Clinical is for speech pathologists. The accompanying instruction booklet provides adequate information about how to use WORDStim.  However, there is support if you have any questions.  There are also free webinars available for speech pathologists who use or purchase WORDStim.

My patient is very high functioning. Can she benefit from WORDStim?

Possibly.  Many high functioning patients benefit from WORDStim. In fact, some speech therapists have reported that they observed deficits that were not revealed until the patient performed WORDStim language tasks. If word finding, increasing syntax, speech intelligibility, memory, fluency improvement and reading are among your patient’s language goals, you should certainly give WORDStim a chance.

What about patients with dementia and Alzheimer's? Is WORDStim appropriate for them?

WORDStim may help any patient with Alzheimer’s and Dementia who can benefit from cognitive language tasks including memory and attention. While these patients have an underlying progressively degenerative process, many still benefit from therapy because of it’s ability to improve function in the here and now of the individual.

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