Speech pathologists are helping patients with aphasia move forward.



Between the time of a speech-language evaluation and discharge of therapy, the clinician documents the patient’s improvement in the accuracy of tasks.  Utilizing WORDStim offers the practitioner specialized focus on patient performance and progress because of increased verbal samples generated by the tool and due to ongoing scoring and quantification.



Speech therapists have used WORDStim to improve communication for individuals with a range of severity. Patients with severe language impairment tend to improve attention and focus to language stimuli. This lays the groundwork for verbal expression tasks. Patients with anomia stand to benefit tremendously because WORDStim is designed to stimulate word retrieval.



Many therapists have spanish-speaking patients on caseload. Sometimes material variety is lacking. WORDStim’s Spanish version is not just a translation of words. Years of activity and work to compile appropriate language stimuli will benefit patients who are treated with WORDStim, Spanish edition.


Here’s what speech therapists are saying about WORDStim!

Linda Tucker-Simpson, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

“My client speaks more when she uses [WORDStim]. This is great for patient motivation.”

Ariana Ventura, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

“This game is very engaging while using evidence-based principals.  The game format took away the sometimes clinical feel you can get providing treatment for anomia.  It helps people stay motivated for longer and achieve a greater number of targets than using picture or word cards alone.”

Ann Jerz, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

“After using WordStim on my patients, I cannot say enough good things about the results. I work in a skilled nursing facility and this tool services a wide variety of patient populations. In particular, WORDStim motivates patients in a way more traditional therapies cannot. The inviting visual and tactile elements enhance a patient’s participation in verbal and non-verbal communication. During my experience, WORDStim has elicited greater patient participation during and across sessions. Clients can pull their own life experiences and cultures into therapy. As such, the therapist and clinician encounter becomes increasingly client driven and personalized. This game provides relevant stimuli which is easily adaptable to various levels of severity. Overall, WORDStim has shown itself to be a very comprehensive tool which targets and improves patients’ communication.”

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